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Business + Sales + Analytics

Petri enables the needs of your business, providing a centralized and streamlined system to manage your customers, content, and reports. Built from the ground up with integration in mind. Developers and IT teams will love the dead-simple API and bulletproof controls. Integrating with any 3rd party system is a breeze. Marketing and Sales Teams will benefit from the simplicity of communication management and reporting.

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Petri’s pricing is clear and simple. Everything you need is included; no add-ons to buy, no up-sells, no limits. Why should you pay more to have all the integrations you need? Petri is a suite that works for you, not the other way around.

Get More Done

Petri includes everything you need to entice, engage, convert customers and track your success. The suite encompasses a CRM, CMS and Analytics Platform all-in-one, implemented through one easy-to-use and centralized API.

Data Agnostic

Easily migrate your existing customer data into Petri though a simple upload and visual mapping process. Clean your data, organize and get going.